This project is based around identity; or more specifically accents. We carry these traces of our origins our whole lives. we were given a region of the British Isles and had to, through typography - visually explore its regional dialect and culture.
Objectives/Considerations:  Adapt a typeface/typefaces to visually represent our dialect. Choose an appropriate sentence that represents your dialect and write this out with your adapted typeface. Consider how you display the sentence - what scale? Should it be printed on paper? Or onto a kite, a mug, a t-shirt, a market sign. Should it be computer printed?


Having received Yorkshire, I wanted to delve deeper into the history and background of Yorkshire rather than the modern day stereotypes and Yorkshire slang that people may have some idea of and maybe more accustomed to. Through research, I discovered elements of Yorkshire that are more hidden and overlooked such as Yorkshire's Viking heritage. I became really interested in the forms and structures found within Yorkshire (Limestone pavements, Erratics, Timber-framed architecture) and specifically abandoned textile mills.
I created a 'type pattern book' inspired by textile swatch/pattern books made out of fabric as it derives from the idea of textile mills. It includes a typeface I created based on the derelict columns found in Yorkshire textile mills and highlights the motif of function (they are made to support, but the building supported no longer has a purpose). I also wanted to express this forgotten/fading/abandoned part of Yorkshire by creating stitching with loose threads or only stitching the negative areas.