This zine was part of my final major project at art foundation. I was exploring the human conscience and how we make decisions, more specifically growing up, and the stresses of adulthood. I was looking at the transition from adolescence into adulthood and how it can be challenging. I focused on the age group of 18-21 yr olds. Alot of us are prone to the constant feeling of guilt and worry when just getting to grips with independence. This age group is also the period where people can technically be classified as adults, but are still learning about adulthood, with most still in the education system.

I created an informal publication that includes stories of things that have gone wrong for first year university students. This provides other young adults with things they can relate with as well as things they can learn from. I wanted to create something that was authentic and un-institutional, capturing the essence of a young adult. To eliminate the mass produced, laser printed feel, I went with creating a maze book zine instead. I also Risograph printed it to give it a textured finish as well as a vibrant appearance. I printed it as an A2 poster on 100gsm cartridge, and cuts and folds into an A6 book. The cover side consists of expressions of shame, guilt, shock and embarrassment, and echo the stories on the other side.