Inspired by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, this brief set us the task of translating gathered data into something visually exciting.  I decided to record the mundane task of sitting, and listed out the recordable factors within the activity (or 'inactivity'). I decided the key factors would include the object I was sitting on, where I was sitting, and how I was sitting. I represented these in simplified vector illustrations, playing with color and shape to convey each of these elements. I then gathered all the 'images', and created a gif, showing a quick snappy animation of sitting in the time span of 4 days. I found this project really interesting as sitting can tell so much about my daily life; how often I take transport, where I spend most of my time, how long I work in foundation for... even unnecessary things like how often I go to the loo and how I sit on the toilet.