Name: Crystal Lui
POB: Hong Kong
Currently residing in: 
Manchester, United Kingdom

Attended Art Foundation @
Kingston University

Completed BA Graphic Design @
Manchester School of Art

Completed MA in Graphic Design & Art Direction @
Manchester School of Art

My ambition as a ‘designer’ is to push the boundaries of practices and look to constantly redefine perceptions and mediums. I am particularly interested in editorial/publication design, print & moving image. I see print as a timeless, diverse and multi-cultural practice, which can be applied to a range of different subject matters and identities. I am interested in further exploring the forms and defintions of a publication, and how much it can alter before it is no longer one. I also aim to make this medium more applicable to the current generation of developing technology.

Even though I classify myself as a ‘designer’, I don’t limit myself to that term. I see design as the art of problem-solving and story-telling. I create work that aims to resonate with people of different backgrounds. My practice is just as much an exploration into myself as an exploration into how the world works. 

I feel like my multi-cultural background allows me to approach each project with an open mind. As well as portray unique experiences and stories through a range of mediums.